FIELD of PONIES is a Deranged Street Wear Brand of Sweatshirts and Derivatives

FIELD of PONIES is back with new drop at the Phi Boutique.

The brains behind the project Julie Bérubé shot the pieces on local babe Rosewhatever last summer, and we can't get enough. 

FIELD of PONIES is an independent London based label, which embodies a post-apocalyptic take on fashion. The brand uses current street wear trends to distort our reality and project an aesthetic that is both distorted and humorous. The concept of FIELD of PONIES is drawn from reflections on civilisation and the belief that we are witnessing the imminent implosion of its current value systems.  One area of reflection in particular is the meaning of fear.

As we are currently witnessing in mainstream media, fear is being used to alienate us from living a life that is rich in experiences and accepting of others. At FIELD of PONIES, we believe that fear can be used as a powerful creative tool that can actually empower each one of us even in the darkest moments.

Scroll through the lookbook below: 

FIELD_OF_PONIES_11_retouched FIELD_OF_PONIES_07_smallres FIELD_OF_PONIES_09_smallres

FIELD_OF_PONIES_08_smallres FIELD_OF_PONIES_06_smallres FIELD_OF_PONIES_12_smallres FIELD_OF_PONIES_02_smallres FIELD_OF_PONIES_01_smallres FIELD_OF_PONIES_13_smallres FIELD_OF_PONIES_15_smallres FIELD_OF_PONIES_03_smallres

Credits WET ROSE
Photographe: Aok Palad @aokpalad
Assisté par Bianca Maidana
Modele: Rose @rosewhatever
Maquillage: Aly @phuckyouandyofeelings
Styling: Mother Pony @mother_pony
Vetements: Field of Ponies @fieldofponies
Accessoires: Model’s own

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