LISTEN | Canadian Pop Prince UNBLOOM Releases New Dance Tune “Lost Myself”

We got a new UNBLOOM track to tune-in to. 

The young emerging artist has been on our radar for quite some time and for good reason. He's been releasing pure pop bliss that stays stuck with you for days and weeks as you swoon over the dance-like melodies and relatable lyrics. 

A lot of UNBLOOM songs deal with transition and the relationships that are lost or gained in those critical moments of moving forward. His latest single titled “Lost Myself” deals with identity loss during this transition and the ironic selflessness of erasing yourself to make a relationship stronger – which, as we all know, never works.

Sonically, I would call this a return to my dance roots

Listen to "Lost Myself" right here, right now: 


Lost Myself, available everywhere:

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Written by nyounes


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